3 December 2021 - Buying the Dip | CSL Acquisition

Global markets were mixed overnight, with Wall Street (S&P500+1.4%) rebounding sharply as volatility remains elevated.

2 December 2021 - Omnicron in the US | Lynas Surging

Global markets were mixed overnight, with US markets (S&P500 -1.2%) ending the session down after after initially trading up.

1 December 2021 - Powell Gets Hawkish | Refining NZ

Global markets were lower overnight, US markets (S&P500 -1.9%) after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell weighed an earlier end to bond tapering and Moderna's CEO predicted existing vaccines will struggle with Omicron.

30 Nov 2021 - Markets Bounce Back | Oceania Healthcare

We expect market volatility will remain higher than usual until we get more clarity on this strain of the virus & the read through on vaccine effectiveness which is expected to take weeks rather than days.

29 November 2021 - Market Implications of the Nu Variant | Pacific Edge

Global markets were lower on Friday, US markets (S&P500, down -2.3%) tumbled lower amid fears of a new variant of COVID (likey to be named "Nu").

26 November 2021 - Hawkish Fed Minutes | Fisher and Paykel Result

Global markets were quiet overnight as US markets were closed for Thanksgiving holiday.

25 November 2021 - RBNZ Rate Hike | Tower Result

Global markets were higher overnight, with the US market (S&P 500 index +0.2%) eking out a small gain as the recent jump in bond yields took a breather.

24 November 2021 - Taking Tech Profits | Argosy Property

Global markets were mixed overnight, with US market (S&P 500 index +0.2%) trading higher with gain across most of the market, apart from the tech sector.

23 November 2021 - Auckland Re-opening | Kiwi Property Group

Global markets were lower overnight, as the US market (S&P 500 index, up -0.3%) slipped as President Joe Biden announced he would re-nominate Jerome Powell to lead the Federal Reserve for another 4-years.

22 November 2022 - Week Ahead, COVID in Europe | Ryman Drops

Global markets were lower on Friday, with the US market (S&P 500 index -0.14%) slipping as a resurgence of covid-19 cases (particularly in Europe) weighed down on market sentiment.